OpenRD client image

In order to help out people that are not so confident to compile their own kernels,, you can download my image from this page.

A short note upfront though.
These images run fine on my openrd client board but come without any warranty. If you do not know what you are doing or feel unsure about this, please do not install this image. Whatever happens to your system is fully at your own risk! It assumes you have a basic knowledge on the boot process. Under any situation it is strongly recommended that you first read this page completely before making any changes. Also it is strongly recommended that you back up all valuable data on your system first. Did I already mention that any action you undertake after reading this page is at your own risk, including everything what occurs after doing so.

The image itself is build under openembedded. Source code is from git://, patched with four patches from Tanmay Upadhyay from einfochips. One for initializing i2c and pci express, one for audio support, one for graphics support and one for SD support.

If you still insist in installing this download uImage_2.6.33-rc1.gz, unzip with gzip and copy it to into your boot partition (you can either rename the file to the original name (e.g. uImage or uImage.bin) or change the u-boot args to boot the uimage kernel.
Note that if you come from the 2.6.22 kernel you need to change mainlineLinux and arcNumber. See for info this page:

Although not absolutely necessary to boot, you probably also want to install some additional modules. I have made a large number of modules for this kernel available. As a single tar file exceeded the size limit of my provider I have split things (rather crudely) in 10 parts. Just download whatever part you need. You can examine the txt file to see if you need a part. (most likely what you need is in the first two parts).

Various modules part 1 misc1.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.misc1.tar.gz.
Various modules part 2 misc2.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.misc2.tar.gz.
networking modules net.txt
wireless modules wireless.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.wireless.tar.gz.
/lib/firmware firmware.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.firmware.tar.gz.
netfilter modules netfilter.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.netfilter.tar.gz.
video modules (part 1) video1.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.video1.tar.gz.
video modules (part 2) video2.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.video2.tar.gz.
media rleated modules media.txt
dvb modules media_dvb.txt      modules_2.6.33-rc1.dvb.tar.gz.
After downloading copy to your root partition and, while in the root directory / and as root untar the zip file.

If you are interested in how the kernel is compiled you can also download the compressed config-2.6.33-rc1.gz file.

Have fun!